We have acquired intensive knowledge in ERP development through our dedicated and interactive work experience with our clients. We have functional and technical experts having sound knowledge in ERP implementation. We have directly worked with the Openbravo ERP team and have participated in creating core modules & database migration for various versions. We have acquired technical and functional certificates from Openbravo.


Openbravo ERP is an enterprise web-based ERP platform that supports agile deployment and ongoing customization witnessed by early adopters. Unlike other ERPs, Openbravo ERP is a product that enables the highest productivity, business agility, and sustained ROI with easy powerful integration.

The openbravo core functionality is held in a central module (called Core) and every functional/technical extension or custom configuration will be located in separate modules. This means that if you upgrade.

Openbravo ERP, your changes will not be overwritten. With this modular structure, the opportunities to co-create and customize Openbravo are also much higher, and thus, it is much easier to evolve. Covers all the standard business processes such as Master Data Management; Order to Cash Procure to Pay; Financial Management Inventory; Management Project and Service Management; Production Management; Business Intelligence. The central repository contains free and commercial modules that can be easily plugged in and played into Openbravo.

JustIntegrate IT has a team of Certified Functional and Technical experts which ensures that our clients work with an experienced and qualified team.


Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources just to name a few. Odoo / OpenERP offers a choice of over a thousand modules. Odoo / OpenERP is available in the cloud or on-site and is most suited for small to mid-sized companies. With more than a thousand downloads/installations per day, Odoo / OpenERP is one of the most used open-source solutions in the world. It has a dynamic community, is flexible, and can be adapted to your needs. It can be put in production rapidly thanks to its modularity and is easy to use.

It is highly modular. You can start using Odoo / OpenERP with a few modules and add more later as you need while keeping the benefits of an integrated solution. Odoo / OpenERP is based on a technology stack that is modern and up-to-date. These technologies continue to be developed and adapted to the latest paradigms.

We have extensive experience implementing OpenERP and integrating OpenERP with other Open Source components across the globe. Our team of consultants holds in-depth expertise in feasibility analysis, strategic planning & implementation, and providing tailored solutions to our clients as they have gained experience working with almost all the OpenERP versions. We leverage multiple levels of resources, both inside and outside client organizations, to ensure cost-effective systems focus.