Serivces We Do

JustIntegrate IT offers a wide range of IT services that solve different types of IT problems. Our services are professionally designed to facilitate the efficient functioning of organizations by helping them overcome challenges and meet their business needs. We all-inclusive IT services for all types and sizes of businesses. We have a dedicated team of IT professionals who design cutting-edge applications that solve all kinds of IT problems. We offer customized services that are designed to meet each client's specific needs. We start by identifying the IT problem of the client, brainstorming over probable solutions. Select the best solution, assemble the right team to design the application, and implement the solution to solve the problem and improve the effectiveness of the client’s business.

Our services are designed using the latest technologies thus our clients are guaranteed of using the most updated applications available in the market. We continuously carry out research to find the most efficient, updated, and cost-effective applications. All our services have been proven to be effective in addressing the different needs of various businesses. Our services include application development, maintenance & enhancement, product engineering, and web development. We can develop and install new applications for a company, maintain existing applications, improve the current applications, design new company products or develop the entire website for an organization. Our services are all around to meet all IT-related needs.

We understand the various IT challenges that businesses face and we have solutions for each of these problems. This makes it easier for us to identify the most suitable web application for our clients. We do not compromise on the quality of services we offer and our main goal is to ensure total customer satisfaction. We are always committed to helping our clients improve the performance of their businesses by using the latest IT applications to run their companies.

Services Portfolio

  • Application Development
  • Maintenance & Enhancement
  • Product Engineering
  • web development

Application Development

Every business has unique needs and that is why we offer customized application development services to our clients. Our application development services improve the operational efficiency of businesses and make them more competitive in the market. With our application development services, customers are able to meet the unique needs of their clients absolutely hassle-free. Our services fit a wide range of business needs and can be used by all businesses in any part of the world.

We work closely with our clients to understand their technology and business needs before starting to design applications that will address these needs. Our IT professionals understand the kind of application development services that are best for various types of businesses and therefore advise our clients on how to select the best application for their businesses. Once we understand our customer needs, it becomes very easy to design the IT application that will address the need.

With our application development services, businesses are able to improve the efficiency of their operations, reduce the cost of operation, and improve their ROI. Our services make business operations very easy and efficient.

Software maintenance & Enhancement

Software maintenance & enhancement are very essential for every business because they minimize risks and improve the efficiency of business operations. Customer needs keep on changing every day and therefore businesses need to maintain and enhance their systems to ensure that they fit their customer needs. Our maintenance & enhancement services ensure that our client's software is updated and runs smoothly to meet the requirement changes.

Our maintenance & enhancement services eliminate all security gaps that the customer’s system may be exposed to thus preventing risks and errors. The services keep the systems updated with the latest features making the entire system more efficient. It is very common for the efficiency of software to degrade and affect the overall performance of the business. This may be as a result of outdated functions being used by the software or increased business requirements which surpass the software capability. Our software maintenance & enhancement services solve all these problems. We can extend software features by adding new functions that will suit the new requirements of the business. This helps businesses to meet their new requirements.

We do the analysis of our customer’s existing software to find out if they need maintenance or enhancement. If the software requires maintenance, we will review its codes and eliminate any errors that may be contained in it. If it requires enhancement, we will find the best features that will improve the software’s performance and make it suitable to meet the requirements of the business. Therefore our maintenance & enhancement services are also suitable for businesses that are undergoing expansion because they will require new software features to meet their increased needs. Frequent checkup of business software is very essential as it prevents poor performance of the software and protects the business from several risks. Our maintenance & enhancement services solve all software problems.

Product Engineering

Technology is always improving and this means that businesses also need to redesign their products so as to meet market requirements. This becomes very challenging for many businesses, but with our product engineering services, you can overcome these challenges, and keep your business updated at all times.

Our product engineering services are professionally designed to meet a large variety of market needs. Our services will make your business more competitive irrespective of the ever-changing technologies because we are always researching to find the most updated product development technologies. We offer product engineering services depending on our clients needs. All our services are personalized to fit the specific requirements of each company. Our main goal is to ensure that our product development services improve your business performance by keeping it ahead of others in terms of innovation and technology advancements.

We have a dedicated team of product engineering professionals who deliver the services as fast as possible and at competitive prices. Whether you have a new business and want a unique product that will make it outstanding to others or want to take your established business to another level, we have the best product development services to facilitate that. Our product engineering services are designed with the latest software that will keep your business ahead of others at all times. If you are planning a product release, we are here to make it successful and unique. Our services are timely, reliable, and efficient. We do not compromise on quality and our experts ensure that our clients get the best services in this industry.

Our services are available for all types and sizes of businesses. They are mainly focused on helping you achieve your business objectives even with the perpetual technology improvements being experienced worldwide. We have solutions that will assist you to cope with these advancements.

Web Development

We offer all-inclusive web development services for all types and sizes of businesses. Our web development specialists start by understanding the business goals of our clients. This is followed by developing a website that will help the clients achieve their business goals. It involves developing features and tools that will make it easier for businesses to reach their clients and improve their businesses.

Our web development services are mainly designed to boost our clients’ business growth. Nowadays, most of the companies are operating their businesses online and that is why our web development services are inevitable. Whether you want a new website for a new business or want to upgrade your website to meet the current requirements, we can do it for you. We also help businesses whose websites are not performing upgrade them and get better results.

With our web development services, it becomes very easy for our clients to market their businesses. Initiate communication with their customers, employees, and partners, and offer their products and services in the most efficient ways. It is important to understand that the current technology allows companies or individuals to take their businesses to international levels and the best way to achieve this is by having an efficient website. Our web development services can help take your business to international levels and get better results.

Since the website is what will be representing your business on the international market, it has to be able to achieve this goal. We can make your business look attractive, thus attracting more customers and stakeholders and also making it easier for you to run the business. We fully understand the tools that are necessary to make a website unique and efficient. Our web development services are mainly aimed at improving the performance of your business by making the website more visible and efficient, reducing the cost of business operation, and increasing returns.