Shipping & Logistics
Soluship(SOLUtion based SHIPments) is a shipment based project in which service is made globally. It comprises of various admins such as system admin, business admin, customer admin etc, They have their own privileges. Based on the businesses (business admin) the customers are classified and they have been given privilege to access as customer admin. They can create shipment by getting the predefined rates with respect to the shipment details provided by the customer, from various services such as UPS, DHL, PUROLATOR, FEDEX etc.., They can choose a service by their own and can create shipment and its corresponding invoice. There are some additional functionalities such as pick up request ,EDI import (where multiple shipments can be created by importing an edi file), Track and Search which makes the shipments user friendly.

We have integrated different shipment service like FEDEX, UPS, DHL, PUROLATOR using SOAP service to get the rates and creating the pickup & Shipment for their corresponding service.