Taxi Application
JustIntegrate IT offers solutions and services in developing ecosystem for taxi and logistics solutions. We have good experience in addressing all the key areas that are generally required for end-to-end taxi application. From our past experience, we have learnt that a complete solution would tend to cover the features of web application, IVR integration, Driver Mobile Application, Customer Mobile Application, Payment Gateway Integration, Integration of Google Apps (Map, Distance Calculator, Location, Plots, Address Search) and Social Networking Integration.
Mobile Application
We understand the value of responsive time in a service based application. A millisecond can make a difference in getting the opportunity. We uses all the features of a smart phone in order to provide accurate and timely service for both drivers and customers. Integrating with Goolge and other third party services, We empowers mobile application with state of the art technology and brings elegant user experience. Customers has the ability share their experience through social network. Integration of mobile wallets enables users to be free from carrying cash or cards.
Server side of the application is used by the taxi booking operator to communicate between the driver and the end customer. Below are the features provided by the server side

  • Operator can Book the Job for the customer
  • Ability to track the driver location and his availability in the Map
  • Employee Daily pickup and drop for Companies to track their usage and invoice to the company
  • Creating a new zones and Plot for their reachable zone.
  • Conversation between the driver and operator through messaging service
  • Panic feature for the driver, in case of any emergency.
  • Operator can attend the call in the browser and have a track of that customer.
IVRs (interactive voice response) are automated phone systems that can facilitate communication between callers and operator.If the caller is already a customer in our system,it picks up there address detail and loads up in the screen. Operator has provision to transfer the call from one department to another .Admin has the rights to setup the Extension number for the each department and there corresponding messages.